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Having a library of resources dedicated to Club Leaders and Committee Chairs is crucial to the success of any organization. These resources provide valuable information, guidance, and support to leaders, enabling them to effectively manage their teams and achieve their goals. A well-curated library of resources can also serve as a centralized hub where leaders can access information on best practices, training materials, and other relevant materials to enhance their leadership skills and knowledge.

2023|2024 Rotary Year specific documents

Very specific resources, and special initiatives will be employed during the 2023/2024 Rotary year. It is critical to understand what is available so clubs  can take advantage of these opportunities.

District Detail | documents

District documents are essential for the effective functioning of our District. It is crucial that these documents are stored in a centralized and easily accessible location, as District Leaders and committees often refer to them.

Club Role | documents

The ultimate reference material for Rotary club leaders and members! The Club Role Documents section provides all the information for specific club roles. Each sub-section includes detailed information about the responsibilities, duties, and expectations of the role, as well as best practices, tips, and resources to help club leaders and members excel in their positions.

Help by Rotary Topic | DOCUMENTS

Looking for comprehensive information and support on a range of Rotary topics? Whether you’re seeking guidance on membership development, planning successful service projects, or navigating Rotary’s complex structure, our help section has you covered.

Get Involved

Getting involved with the District Club Resources Group can be a rewarding experience for Rotary members passionate about helping others succeed. By sharing detailed documents and reference materials, committee members can provide valuable guidance and support to fellow club leaders, enabling them to manage their teams and achieve their goals effectively.

The District Club Resources Group is responsible for developing and maintaining a library of resources to help club leaders enhance their skills, knowledge, and effectiveness. These resources may include training materials, best practices, templates, and other reference materials that club leaders can access to improve their leadership capabilities.